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« Thanks to the vibrations of the acoustic oscillator and Angelini's musical universe, my room has become a spa, a place of relaxation. My musts? “The 5-minute Energizing Nap”, the “Sunrise” to start the day well and the “Prelude and Sensaflo” mode which consists of 30 minutes of music and 8 hours of gentle vibrations that promote deep and restful sleep . I now fall asleep quickly, wake up less often, and if I wake up and feel a surge of anxiety, I put the music back on, which almost instantly plunges me back into Morpheus' arms. »

Kathia Gailer

« I get used to it and let myself be lulled by this increasingly pleasant massage. The context is optimal to let myself slip into Morpheus' arms. A few times I flirt with sleep and honestly wish it would last forever. »

Sophie Allard

« My body finds itself in a state of weightlessness. The bewitching rhythms of the music and the movements of the armchair are reminiscent of the waves of the big blue. I am going adrift. My muscles relax, my jaw relaxes. After 45 minutes, I open my eyes: a feeling of calm and joy envelops me. »

Johanne Lauzon

Our customers talk about us on Google Reviews :

Marylou Blais :
« I have never slept so sound as I have since having my NeuroSpa at home. I would not do without it anymore! Even in times of intense stress, I sleep well. »

Caroline Bolduc :
« The day I decided to invest in my sleep = the best decision of my life! In the past 7 years, I have taken care of my children who have gone through various diseases. Difficult nights going around and around in circles, I had several. The only time I took for myself was a few days at the SPA per year, mainly to go and use their NeuroSpa chair. When I discovered that I could have this technology right in my bed, I wanted to try it right away. I was instantly won over. My nights are so much easier now and I fall asleep before the music ends 😉 Best buy ever! »

Marie-Jo Chayer :
« Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality.

We acquired the NeuroSpa a little less than 5 months ago and I am regaining a quality of sleep that I have not had for years. I have fibromyalgia, cancer, insomnia and several pathologies that prevented me from getting good rest. Now I sleep every night and take several naps when the need is there. I recommend it to everyone. »

Benoit Mercier :
« Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality.
We discovered the NeuroSpa technology through the Zero Gravity Chair in a SPA near us. We fell in love with it and immediately investigated whether it was possible to have this wonderful product at home. Gilbert at NeuroSpa then told us about the one for the bed, so no need to take turns at the SPA or wait for the chair to be free anymore. What a great invention !!

We then tried it for a month, to be sure that we would be as satisfied as we were with the chair model, and we were MORE than satisfied! It is really pleasant to fall asleep with these beautiful vibrations, to wake up quietly with the waves and the vibrations. Long live teleworking and a 5-minute nap that relaxes and motivates us at noon !

Thank you very much NeuroSpa, it's the best purchase we will have made this year! Number one service and great advice ! »

Jacinthe Mayrand :
« Hello, we've had the NeuroSpa for a few months. I have major health problems: diabetes, dialysis and ankylosing arthritis. I sleep more soundly now. I had woken up often at night for months. I now fully sleep all my nights and wake up really healthier than before! As soon as I forget to turn it on, I sleep very badly. I recommend this product. Their customer service is awesome. »

Isabelle April :
« Since I have my NeuroSpa, I sleep so well. I wake up in the morning and am rested. My hamster also falls asleep and does not prevent me from sleeping, it turns off! I recommend it without hesitation. »

Isabelle Morissette :
« Positive: Professionalism, Quality.
I use my NeuroSpa regularly and find my energy boosted and constant. Whether it's for Energizing Naps, waking up or while sleeping, it's a really well-invested bithday gift that I gave myself and that I really appreciate every day! Thanks 🤩 NeuroSpa! It's a plus in my quality of life! 😄🌴🌞 »

Anne Gauvin :
« Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality.
Really effective and essential to promote sleep. When my hamster goes on his night shift, the NeuroSpa atmosphere and the oscillation make me fall asleep more easily. »

Julie Fontaine :
« Since using the NeuroSpa, the quality of my sleep has improved greatly! I fall asleep faster and have a lot less awakenings at night. So I spend less time in bed and wake up more rested! The “Sunrise” program is also very energizing. I would not do without it. Worth the investment! I recommend it to everyone! »

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